Doug Fox Sr.

For more than two decades, Douglas Fox Sr. served ill numerous capacities in minor baseball and hockey in Midland, including stints as coach/manager, executive member and referee. Although he did not participate extensively in organized sports himself, Doug became active by supporting his two sons and their love of sports. He coached and managed their teams, and was constantly driving carloads of young players to games all over Central and Southern Ontario. Throughout the 1970s and ’80s, Doug served in many executive positions in minor baseball and hockey His accounting background made him a natural for the secretary-treasurer position, recalls his son Doug Jr., and “his briefcase in those days vvas more often than not apt to be full of work not from his job, but from minor hockey or baseball.” In the early 1970s, he even ran the refreshment booth in the old Midland arena, recruiting his sons as assistants. As a member of the Midland Parks Board, Doug, along with other committee members, assisted in the planning fe fund raising for the construction of the Midland Centennial Arena. The committee was also responsible for the creation of the Pete Pettersen Park. As his son Doug concludes: “While we revel in reliving the exploits of our athletes, it is important to remember the achievements of those who worked out of the spotlight, making it possible for the athletes to take centre stage in the first place.”