Midland Sports Hall of Fame Artifacts

A museum is just an empty room without donations of artifacts from the generous community members who have contributed.  Our museum contains a wide assortment of memorabilia from a variety of sports Whether it be hockey jerseys, trophies, team pictures, jackets or sports equipment we are excited to see what comes in next.

If you have anything you would like to donate please use the form below or contact us to discuss your artifact(s).

All donations must adhere to the regulations as laid out below:

  1. The Donor acknowledges that it has absolute title and possession of the Donation free and clear of all encumbrances and has the absolute right and authority to make the Donation.
  2. The Donor hereby gives, donates, transfers, and delivers to the Midland Sports Hall of Fame (MSHOF) all rights, interest, and clear title to the Donation, together with all intellectual property rights and copyrights, including the waiver of all moral rights, free of any liens, charges or encumbrances. Where the Donor does not own the intellectual property rights or copy rights, they hereby indemnifies the MSHOF, committee members, employees and Board of Directors agents for any actions, damages, losses, or claims brought or assessed against them in connection with any use of the Donation.
  3. The Donor acknowledges that it is their intention to vest absolute ownership and title to the MSHOF from the date of Donation and for no consideration.
  4. The Donor agrees that the MSHOF will make their best efforts to acknowledge and provide credit to the Donor when exhibiting, using or displaying the Donation and that form of acknowledgement or credit is at the discretion of MSHOF.
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