In general, the nomination criteria is broad and must be supported by a completed written nomination form and substantive, documented evidence supporting the accomplishments and contributions of the nominee.
Nominations for consideration for induction shall be accepted in the categories of Athletes, Builders, Teams and Historical Sports Venues as outlined as follows:


Athletes to be considered for induction to the Midland Sports Hall of Fame must have been (or be) outstanding in their field of endeavour and/or to have achieved above average proficiency of sports if not reaching the absolute top level in any one.

The label “outstanding” must be applicable over an extended period of time in competition against peer athletes. This involves those competing on a strictly local level and those participating in District, Provincial, National, or International level either in an amateur and/or professional setting. The rationale for an athlete’s nomination must be clearly included in the nomination form and materials.

Athletes nominated must have been retired from active participation in sports for which he or she has been nominated for a period of not less than three (3) years, dated from the end of the season of the sport for which they have been nominated.

The above restrictions do not apply in the case of Automatic selections as noted elsewhere.


Builders to be considered for induction to the Midland Sports Hall of Fame shall include, but not limited to, Officials, Sponsors, Executive members, Trainers, Coaches, Managers, etc.

The work of the Builders shall be for their contributions to sports over an extended period of time that has been outstanding, whether it be in the organization of leagues, teams, managing facilities, achieving a high degree of success in coaching teams and/or individuals, keeping a league or team active, providing services of a consistently high level over an extended period of time, etc.

Builders include those who have contributed to Midland and areas sports at either the amateur and/or professional levels. Builders nominations shall be eligible at any time. There shall be no waiting period in this category and the person may still be active in the roles for which they are nominated.


Teams shall be considered on the merits and accomplishments of each team as a whole and not solely on the individual accomplishments.

At least three (3) years must have elapsed from the teams most recent championship season before a team can be considered for induction.

A team to be inducted must have won a championship at the District, Provincial, National or International level either in an amateur and/or professional setting. The team would be recognized for attaining the highest level of accomplishment possible in that particular era.

Historical Venues

Historical Sports Venues will be considered for the historic and long- term use by athletes and teams over an extended period of time in the Midland and surrounding areas.

Download the Inductee Nomination Form below and attach all relevant information that will highlight the nominee’s accomplishments.

This information must include:

  • Achievements; years; teams; awards; newspaper articles; photographs; testimonials; etc.
  • A brief outline of the level of competition and achievements of the nominee in chronological order
  • If applicable, provide information on the nominee’s leadership skills, character, sportsmanship and contributions to sport in the community
  • Please review the criteria for each category on the back of the nomination form


It is the responsibility of the person submitting the nomination to supply all pertinent materials and information that will provide complete details for the board.