Mike Dodd

“Mike introduced us to so many people through his articles and columns.” said a former editor-in-chief. “He had this uncanny ability to put his most revered sports heroes and everyday folks he interviewed on the same level. They seemed so extraordinary. He identified the human in everyone and used his sentences to connect us to that special part.”

Mike retired in 2016 after four decades of newspapering. He had great memories of interviews and interactions with sports luminaries, including Joe Carter, Billy Martin, Harold Ballad, Arnold Palmer, Muhammad Ali, Gordie Howe, Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr, and Johnny Bower. His stories made you feel like you knew everyone he wrote about. Mike often said that he loved telling people about people. Local officials noted that Mike truly cared about the Midland and Penetanguishene sports scene and was very approachable and understanding in interviewing individuals and writing accurate articles for publication. He took the time to learn more about the local sports, both from a current and historical perspective. He always covered the games and stories, but just as importantly, he showcased the people. He knew the chances of local athletes making it to the major professional level were slim. Nevertheless, he highlighted their achievements within that context. As he said in one of his columns, he knew Highway 12 from his hometown in Orillia to Midland like the back of his hand. In a typical day, he would frequently interview in the morning, cover a high school basketball or volleyball game that afternoon, take a break, and then go on to report on a Junior C game in Midland or Penetanguishene that night. He would then head back to write and file thousands of words for the Mirror. All of this despite a litany of physical ailments that plague him from birth.


When Mike signed off his final column for the Midland Mirror, he said, “For the opportunity provided by the written word, I can only say one thing: Thank you.” It should have been the other way around; those who benefitted from his coverage should be thankful. Characteristically, he would be thankful and humbled by his inclusion with other local sports scribes such as Charlie Noquet, Ken Somers, and Tom Shields in the Midland Sports Hall of Fame.